The Where, The Why and The How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wonderous Mysteries of Science, Jenny Volvovski, Hardie Grant, $34.95

What is dark energy? What is the origin of the moon? Why do we sleep? Why do cats purr? Designed to look like a retro class set of science books, this handsome hardback brings together contemporary visual artists and pairs them with specialists in the field to answer some of life’s biggest scientific questions. There’s nothing here you couldn’t find in a few clicks, but the combination of beautiful, original illustrations and erudite, concise explanations make it a pleasure and a revelation to read.

IMG_1983 IMG_1985


Playful, detailed, illustrations by artists including Lisa Congdon, Jon Klasson, Camilla Engman and Micah Lidberg interpret (sometimes) complex ideas and theories, but in their own particular style. This is one of those books you can either read cover to cover, or dip into now and again but it’s always going to feel relevant.



Readers seven and up.