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The Christmas Quiet Book, by Deborah Underwood, illus Renata Liwska, Houghton Mifflin, $19.95

Find a moment if you can – stop the wrapping, turn down the oven (the turkey is almost done), and pour yourself a little something. Yes, The Christmas Quiet Book is for children two, three years and up, but any frazzled spirit will find this book soothing. Deborah Underwood’s story is beautifully simple  (there’s lots of humour to be found , too) with only one or two lines on each page; “Knocking with mittens quiet”, “Snow angel quiet.”


In the days leading up to Christmas, bunnies, bears and a very cute iguana decorate the tree, ice skate, drop in on other furry friends, and patiently wait for December 25. The illustrations are quite simply adorable and each of Renata Liwskas’ characters convey a genuine feeling of warmth, and with Christmas Day only hours away, it doesn’t get much better than that.


You can read Renata’s lovely blog here and if you happen to live in Yarraville and still need one more gift.. the Younger Sun Book Shop has a few copies left.

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Merry Christmas!


The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood, illus Renata Liwska

The Loud Book by Deborah Underwood, ills Renata Liwska