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Early this month I went to Clunes Book Town. Every year, the little Victorian town goes book mad as second-hand booksellers turn every shop and most of the main street into one big fantastic bookish extravaganza. They are everywhere, stacked high on tables, in every shop, books, books, books. Rare (gorgeous hard backs with embossed covers), obscure (How To Build a Pickle Barrel), and lots of copies of Twilight and Jewel’s A Night Without Armor.

Then I came across this beauty.

I’m guessing Mark was probably about eleven when his folks gave him this book for Christmas. Was Dad out shopping when he saw UFO Encounters: Sightings, Visitations, and Investigations and thought, SON! The inscription reads To Mark, Love from Mum+Dad. Christmas 94. xxxxxx.

Did he stay up late looking out his bedroom window hoping to catch a glimpse of something amazing, as his mobile made up of the planets silently rotated above his bed?

Was Mark a dorky little kid with an unhealthy obsession with all things Roswell? I hope so. Maybe he grew up and saw something extraordinary in a plate of mash potatoes.

If he’s sporting facial hair and glasses, I think I know why.

Maybe he fell asleep dreaming of little green men, corn circles and the 62 South African kids who, in September 1994, saw something land in their school yard in Ruwa, Zimbabwe.

I bet he wished he was there.