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Craft for the Soul: How To Get The Most Out of Your Creative Life

By Pip Lincolne, Penguin, $35

WHEN was the last time you were truly happy? It is a simple question that can trigger a ripple, even a wave of anxiety. ‘Happy’ is such a loaded word, despite the fact the official meaning throws up all kinds of affirming options like jolly, contented, cheerful and sunny.

In Craft for the Soul, Melbourne writer and crafter Pip Lincolne believes that making time for making stuff can have a positive impact on how we live our lives, and increase our levels of contentment. Whether it’s baking bread (the book also includes recipes and simple craft projects) or a desire to become a morning person instead of a night owl, the book features helpful prompts about finding creative ideas to inspire you.

Like Lincolne’s craft philosophy, her writing style is relaxed, friendly, inclusive and authentic. In a time where social media can be used to present only the very best moments of our lives, Lincolne writes about the downside of obsessing about the past and the importance of “pushing through” difficult times by offering pragmatic and supportive advice.

Anyone who has ever been lost in the simple rhythm of crochet or absorbed by a creative task knows how relaxing it can be. Pip takes it a step further, encouraging everyone, no matter their skill level, to tap into the therapeutic benefits of quieting the mind and focusing on a creative task.

Playful and sincere, Craft for the Soul is an uplifting, inspiring book for anyone who has ever felt like their life needs a boost – the books’ message is inclusive and Lincolne throws it across readers like the biggest Afghan rug you can imagine.




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